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We have unique insight and experience in both teaching and learning, and in mental health 

Flourishing - a pink and blue cloudy sky at sunrise

In education, we have worked in a range of business, education and health sectors helping people to become more motivated, more fulfilled and more resilient. As a result, they enjoy better physical as well as mental health, make better choices and are more successful at work. We draw on practices from Positive Psychology, Adaptive Resilience and Solution-focused approaches to create courses that are practical, enjoyable, highly accessible and lead to real difference in the lives of participants  and in the organisations they work for.

You can find more information about our courses on our Education and Training pages. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

In psychotherapy, we work with clients whose ages have ranged from 6 to 85. Psychological ill-health can be triggered by a life event, by childhood difficulty or by one or more of our emotional needs not being met. Many people’s experiences through 2020-21 have led, very understandably, to psychological challenge and difficulty. Our approach draws on good practice from a range of sources, notably Human Givens, Schema therapy and Brief Intervention therapy. These are all evidence-based, empathic and address unique personal experience rather than a ‘condition’.

You can find more information on our Psychotherapy page.

Please do contact us if this is or might be of interest to you. We always begin with a free 15 minute conversation, without obligation, where you can ask questions and we can let you know how we can help.


With over 30 years’ experience in both education and psychology, we have a real understanding both of what we need to be mentally well, and what makes learning effective. 

About the founder: Jo Cullen

‘Flourishing comes from my passion for two things: learning, and thriving – both personally and professionally’

Jo initially trained in psychology (Paris, licence et maîtrise), and has since studied and qualified in counselling and psychotherapy:

  • Certificate in Counselling, University of Bristol (2006)

  • Solution-focused (Brief Intervention) Therapy, Positive Psychology, Schema Therapy, NLP and Adaptive Resilience 

       (2007 – 2020)

  • HG Dip P. 

Alongside this, she has worked in teaching and learning all her professional life. This began when she was ten and was asked to keep a class of 11 year olds occupied for two hours! Her teaching career has been deliberately eclectic: she has taught French to six and seven year olds and to undergraduates; English and Drama in Further Education; Consultation skills to both second and third year medical students and Psychology to GPs. 

Since 2010 Jo has trained GPs in the south west in better ways to improve patients’ mental health. She has also taught them mentoring skills, and supported them in finding and in using mentoring partnerships so that they and their partner can flourish. More recent work has been in addressing health professionals’ own mental health.

She also works with businesses, schools, universities and individuals on techniques to maximise their resilience and mental wellbeing.

In her free time, Jo competes in dressage with her horse, Maisie, and enjoys walking her three rescue dogs.

Flourishing - Jo Cullen sat smiling on a window sill
Flourishing - Jo Cullen with her dogs in a flowery field
Flourishing - Jo Cullen feeding her horse, Maises

Interested in knowing more?

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