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Inspiring and enabling you to thrive

Flourishing – the sea lapping over rocks at the foot of the cliff side at Exmoor coast


Welcome. Whatever your experience, and whatever problems you are encountering, these are unique to you. Flourishing psychotherapy treats you, and not a generic condition or problem.

We work together to overcome your difficulties, and to ensure that you have the skills going forward to thrive in your life. Take a look at what some of my past clients have said to see how I've helped others.

About me

 I trained in psychology in France, and have lived in the South West of the UK since the late 1980s, where I initially trained in person-centred counselling. I have gone on to study Human Givens psychotherapy, Brief Intervention therapy, Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) and Schema therapy (used to treat problems arising from difficult past relationships)

About me psychotherapy

What do I treat?

All and any mental ill-health. Much of my work is in the following areas:


Trauma (PTSD)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Hyperactivity disorders (including ADHD)

Problems arising from difficult or dysfunctional relationships



Eating disorders


Borderline personality disorder

There is no commitment and no charge for an initial chat, either on zoom or by phone

What do I treat

My approach is always

  • Integrative: I draw from the knowledge I have of a variety of approaches.

  • Client- centred: there is no ‘one-size fits all’. Everyone’s experience is unique.

  • Solution-focused: clients should not be in a therapeutic relationship any longer than they need or wish to be.

  • Practical: I offer tools and techniques that we practise together and that clients can go on to use. These are never prescriptive: people can choose what works best for them.

As I now work privately (I am ex-NHS), all information clients share with me, and all work that we do, remains confidential. It is not shared with GPs or any NHS services, unless clients ask me to do so.

How do I work?

Either on zoom or face to face (in South Gloucestershire, about 20 minutes north of Bristol, and 30 minutes south of Gloucester). Most work can successfully be done on zoom. Where possible, I do trauma work face to face.

The majority of mental ill-health stems from emotional needs not being met, either now or at some time in the past. Unmet emotional needs are always subjective – not what objectively may seem to be the case.

My approach is always
how do i work

Working with Children and Adolescents

I work with children from age 6 upwards, and also with teenagers and young adults.

How the work differs for under 16s
Parents can choose whether to be present or not. With this age group, I provide a detailed summary for the parent after each session, including what I have found, what we have done, and any exercises I have recommended.

Sessions with children under 16 are usually 45 minutes (rather than the usual hour). The session will be broken up into sections to keep the child interested and motivated. Depending on age and maturity, some work can be presented as ‘games’. We may include some story work, or watch short videos (up to 5 minutes).

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Flourishing – Children sat talking by a waters edge
working with children

Specialist / intensive work

Residential Therapy

When people seek very rapid progress, or are very unwell, I offer 2-3 day residential stays at my home. Full insurance is in place.

We usually do up to 4 hours of work per day, together with being outside and having time to relax. Clients of course eat meals with us. They have their own bathroom, and a private sitting room should they wish to use this. Ideally (but not necessarily) clients come with a friend or family member.

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Flourishing – A close up of soft cushions

Equine Therapy

I also offer equine therapy. Being with horses and/or riding can often achieve breakthroughs, new insights and promote healing. No prior riding experience is needed if clients would like to experience riding, or just sitting on a horse being led. Residential clients are offered this experience. Non-residential clients can book one or more equine sessions with me.

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Flourishing –  Jo Cullen with her horse Maisie in a meadow
specialist / intensive work

How long does therapy last?

Therapy duration varies. A broad guide is that simple issues can often be fully resolved in 3 sessions. More complex issues can require up to 20 sessions: most need between 5 and 15. When people come with several issues to address (and these sometimes emerge as we are working), then this can extend the time required.

There is never any commitment to a fixed number of sessions. I am always delighted when a client says to me “Thanks, I feel good, and don’t need to continue”.

how long does therapy last

What are the costs?

Due to the considerable need at the moment, and the lack of availability of NHS services (which tend to offer a very narrow range of interventions and are very drug-based), I am keeping my charges as low as possible.

Usually, sessions are charged at £70 / hour.

Discounts will be considered if finances are constrained.

what are the costs


Please email I will contact you to arrange a (free) telephone call, where we can look broadly at the issue(s) you or your family member has, and arrange an initial session.

If an urgent enquiry, email These emails come through to my phone.

psychotheapy reviews

What clients have said

“Thank you again for your wisdom, kindness and compassion”
March 21 

Names have been changed to respect client confidentiality


Interested in knowing more?

Get in touch for further information or to book a free consultation

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