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Project Highlights

Flourishing works with a range of organisations to understand and respond to their training and developmental needs, by improving the wellbeing and drive of their staff and by optimising their learning culture. We work with the education sector (primary, secondary and tertiary), with businesses and with healthcare providers.

Below are some of the projects we have worked on over the past 2 years.


Our work can be consultancy as well as teaching.


Do have a look through some of what we’ve achieved, and get in touch if we may be able to help you.

Flourishing – the sun setting over a scene of hillsides fading into the distance.

Project highlights timeline


Flourishing – Untapped logo
Flourishing – Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy logo

Designed a range of educational materials (Key stages 1-5) to exploit and complement data analytics for ‘Untapped’. This company was awarded a government contract to develop a platform to reduce energy use in schools.

Developed and taught a series of education events for the Royal College of GPs in England to improve wellbeing and reduce stress in doctors.

“Thank you very much for the session last Friday; it was fun, stimulating and relevant”
GP, 2019 (‘Resilience’)

“Very engaging and a very well run session. The speaker, Jo, was very empowering”
GP, 2021 (‘Finding and using our strengths’)

Provided training in Mentoring skills for GPs in Wales. This included both the skills of mentoring, and how to set up and manage mentoring relationships.

“Helpful and interesting afternoon”
GP, 2019 

Taught Effective teaching and learning skills to GPs in Bristol. GPs are frequently required to teach both each other, medical students and trainees. They receive no formal training in teaching. This course equipped them with an understanding of how and why people learn, and skills to plan, carry out and evaluate effective teaching.

“Thank you for an excellent introduction to teaching methodology and practice this afternoon”
GP, 2020 

Developed and delivered courses in Effective leadership, Time management and Positive Psychology to the EEF (Engineering Employers Federation) in Bristol. These courses formed the core components of staff professional development.

“I really appreciate what you have done for my team”
Manager, 2019 (‘Effective leadership’ and ‘Time management’)


Flourishing – NUI Galway logo
Flourishing – We are with you logo
Pier Health Group logo

Provided training in Resilience to the National University of Ireland SFI Centre for Research Training in Genomics Data Science (Galway, Ireland). Tutors asked for a course that addressed the demands placed on their PhD students of learning remotely and having little opportunity to meet and be supported by their peers. They wanted students to be able to retain motivation and manage their own wellbeing.

Similar courses, tailored to the particular needs of the organisation, have been delivered for staff at ‘We are with you’, Liverpool and Priory Primary School, Bedford.

“I think [this course] will help reduce my anxiety about certain things and help me feel more energised to do my work each day”

PhD student, 2022

Taught ‘Deprescribing in mental health’ to GPs, Bristol. Many clinicians working in Primary Care are keen to explore alternatives to prescribing for their patients. This course looked at some of the drawbacks to prescribing in mental health, and offered GPs a broad range of alternative interventions they could use themselves with their patients.

“Your presentation last week was very good and gave us -as GPs -some practical tips to use -either within the consultations or for us to signpost patients/people to, thank you! We live in tricky times ,so anything that we can do to help patients -as well as active listening- is useful.”
GP, 2021 

Worked with Pier Health Primary Care Network (Weston-super-Mare) to better support both clinicians and patients wellbeing and mental health. This PCN has psychological wellbeing as one of their priorities, recognising the strains put on both staff and patients over the past 2 years. This is an ongoing project.

“It was excellent, and I wondered if you could send me the slides. Thank you again for the presentation.”

Practice nurse, 2022 (‘Mental health and wellbeing’ seminar)

“My colleagues and I came to see your talk at the conference last week and found it very informative and useful.”

Social prescribing link worker, 2022 (‘Mental health and wellbeing’ seminar)

Wrote and taught a series of public webinars on Anxiety in children; Improved  communication skills and Getting better sleep. These were developed to meet requests and needs that large numbers of people came to me with, and were advertised on social media.

“Such a wealth of knowledge. Brilliant and very well put together”

Parent, 2021 (‘Anxiety in Children’ webinar)

“Wow, that was really fab, absolutely loved your style of presenting and enjoyed the range of ideas, and all the examples which made it all so relatable”

Teacher, 2021 (‘Improved communication skills’ webinar)


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