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Conflict resolution: dealing effectively with difficult people and challenging situations

About the course: Conflict Resolution

In any professional context, conflict can arise: between management and employees, between staff and members of the public or between members of staff.

When we fail to deal effectively with this, we are usually well-meaning: but we may do the opposite of what will calm the situation and lead to positive resolution! What works can appear counter-intuitive.
On this course, you will learn how all difficult interactions can be managed effectively so that the issue is resolved, confrontation is avoided and both parties are happy with the outcome.

What you will learn

  • Means to establish rapport quicky and effectively 

  • How to listen and to demonstrate that you are listening 

  • Language and body language that rapidly brings down anger and aggression 

  • Why responding to agitation with calmness doesn’t work! 

  • How to be both assertive and conciliatory 

  • Ways to find lasting resolution that works for both parties

Are courses tailored to individual needs?

Absolutely. This course has been delivered in the past, and is designed to give you a flavour of what we can offer you. All courses are refined to meet each client’s requirements.

Through discussion (email, phone or zoom) we will get a clear sense of the needs of the organisation/the participants and then design a course specifically to respond to these.

We will always include clear ‘learning outcomes’ in the final version of courses we construct with and for you.

Course duration

The length of courses will vary according to what you need, your aspirations and your time constraints.

How are courses delivered?

All teaching and learning is fully immersive: people learn much more when they are actively engaged. Each course includes individual, pair and group work as well as directed learning. All participants are welcome to email questions after the event, and follow-ups (often very useful) are always offered.

What are the costs?

The cost of each course will vary, and will be agreed with you once a full course outline has been produced.

As a rough guide, we charge around £800 per day, to include preparation, delivery, response to post-course questions and distribution of course materials.

Half days are pro-rata.

Is teaching remote or in-person?

Teaching and learning is, wherever possible, face to face. This improves both the quality and quantity of learning, as well as being more enjoyable.

Learning via zoom can be arranged if practical constraints make face to face impossible.

Next steps?

If you're interested in this course or want to learn more, simply click on the link below to arrange a free consultation. Consultations are either on zoom or by phone.


Interested in knowing more?

Get in touch for further information or to book a free consultation

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