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What makes us happy?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Advertisers want us to believe that it's acquisitiveness: a new gadget, item of clothing or vehicle, the possession of which 'will transform our lives'.

Items CAN bring joy:

Something bought as a gift (it's the giving that makes us happy)

A beautiful object or picture (we focus on what it evokes for us)

Something very useful (the enjoyment is in the process or outcome)

But the new iPhone, expensive coat or 'statement' car give us a short term high that quickly fades.

Happiness comes from relationships and experience. We enjoy them when we're immersed in them, and savour them long afterwards.

And when we have more life behind us than ahead of us, it is through people and experience that we will value our lives.

They are permanent. Objects are fleeting.

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