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Flourishing Podcasts

Flourishing Podcast is live on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The introduction and Resilience part 1 are available now. Keep a lookout for new episodes!

Topics for this first series will include:

  1. … and part 2 – including more on sleep, breathing for different purposes, meaning and purpose

  2. Effective sleep and how to get it

  3. How to be assertive so that it gets the results you want

  4. Can we change what we do through willpower?

  5. Why do people get depressed and what can they do about it? The serotonin question

  6. Why we breathe wrongly and how to fix it

  7. How happy memories make us more resourceful

  8. Positive psychology in 40 minutes part 1

  9. … and part 2

  10. Using our imagination to bring about radical change

  11. Are you sitting comfortably? The magical power of stories

  12. Mindfulness for those who don’t do mindfulness

  13. Playing to our strengths. How do we find them? What do we do with them?

  14. 3 (very) short writing exercises guaranteed to make us happier

  15. Our brains and the National Lottery Drum: more in common than you might think

  16. Mental rehearsing: why sports people do it, and why it’s useful for all of us

  17. The power of distraction

  18. End of series round-up. Questions and queries answered

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